Cooking For Tuesdays

Just a little of what I like to cook.

cinnamon rolls!!

yum…. no wonder i can’t lose weight…

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homemade cinnamon rolls 🙂 or banana bread. haven’t decided yet.

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Menu for tonight

nothing major is going on for tonight. i still have to buy the cookbook for the Tuesdays with Dorrie. i will get it on the first.

the plus side: got an email from my hubby telling me he is going to call me from stateside. guess this deployment is almost over!

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Hello world!

So, I was listening to NPR’s Talk of the Nation today. Tuesdays with Dorie was the guest. It sounds interesting, so I want to give it a shot. Why? Well, because I can. I love to cook, and baking 1 thing a week isn’t all that hard is it? Even if it is, well, I’ll try the challenge! Wish me luck!!



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