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Celebrating National Procrastination Week With Rugalach!!!

on March 6, 2012


first of all, do NOT ask me to pronounce these cookies. i can tell you they look good, though!

so, let’s start with yesterday: monday, march 5.


3 sticks of butter, a package of cream cheese, a little salt, sugar and flour. as you can see, i made sure i didn’t forget the salt!!!

i was going to work on these saturday, but my husband decided this past weekend was a good time to fix the screen door. funny, thing, though, the screen he picked out, while nice, was too narrow for the doorway. he found this out after he cut the length of the door down, though. so, we spent all weekend running around trying to fix it. and he did, and did a good job of it. all it took was a 1X4 screwed in on the side of the door frame.


the dough was sticky. and slimy feeling, i guess it was all that butter. i finally caved in and quit using the mixer. no wonder it said to use the paddle! it would have made things easier, but my hand mixer has a whisk, beaters and dough hooks. the beaters were… well, not working. they filled up with the dough quick!


good timing with this step! i got these babies in the fridge and then put the little one down for a nap. and lay there by her to read a book until it was time to work some more. and if i dozed off, who’s to know? it’s just me and her during the day and she was asleep, so she doesn’t have to know either!!


there’s my cherries and pomegranate infused cranberries in my beautiful bowl my husband got me while he was in afganistan. i love my bowls, i have 2 this size and 1 bigger. he wants me to use them as a mixing bowl, but the sides are too short for that. i can’t tell him that, though! 😉 but, i still like them a lot.


chocolate butter. yum. – double this ecipe


the sugar and nut mix. i used glazed walnuts. and had a few leftover. i used 2 packages of them, but the leftovers were gone quick!


my first set of logs. they turned out pretty. but, i misjudged the amount of stuffing, so…


i put it in the second set of logs… and they were over stuffed. ah, well. these are going to be good!

i put them in the fridge, then my husband decided we needed to go take care of some things. by then. it was after 5 p.m. so, i figured to leave these in the fridge over night. it worked out well. we ate pizza hut (mainly because the kitchen was a mess! dishes were done, but everything else was covered in baking things!) and by the time we came home, i wanted nothing more than to go to bed.


so, i got up this morning and went back to work. i cut the logs, starting with the overstuffed ones. they don’t look too bad here, i guess! and i bet they taste even better.


here are the overstuffed cookies baked. for some reason, my camera quit on me (i think the batteries died on me) when i took the pics of the smaller logs, but you’ll just have to trust me when i say they look better.

so, to find the recipe, and much better looking cookies than i had, go to or

and i just had a bite… yep, they are yummy!! so, in celebration of national procrastination week, i waited until the last minute to make my cookies. yum!


14 responses to “Celebrating National Procrastination Week With Rugalach!!!

  1. Patty says:

    I like your fillings for the rugelach, I keep wanting to pronounce it arugula, for some reason, both the chocolate and the nut/sugar mixture sound really good together. As to over stuffing the rolls, I think this recipe probably takes a couple of times to figure the whole process out and perfect;-)

    • vrolok1977 says:

      i have seen a lot of different ways to roll it and bake it. lol, there’s going to be some experimenting for sure! likely around the holidays… lol, that way, the house isn’t almost 80 degrees! too early i the season for ac, too warm for the heater.

  2. Janice says:

    The chocolate sounds divine!

  3. Lola says:

    Beautiful bowl your sweet husband brought you! Your rugalach look good too!

    • vrolok1977 says:

      thank you 🙂 the bowl is solid stone and HEAVY! i had 2 large ones, but he didn’t pack them well and it broke in shipping. i super glued the halves together and now i use it to hold oranges and other fruits. lol, i didn’t want to throw it away!

  4. I think the next time I make these I will try a chocolate and nut combination! Looks delicious!

  5. Cher says:

    I like how you rolled them the long way – it made for a much nicer pinwheel shape.

  6. Jen says:

    your rugelach looks absolutely delicious!

  7. Libby says:

    Your rugelach look sooo yummy! I wish I put chocolate in mine.

    And, your bowls are awesome. What kind of stone are they?

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