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TWD irish soda bread

on March 20, 2012


so, here it is, another st paddy’s day. and new roommates, so a house full of boys. so, after a long night last night, and an early morning taking my hubby to work, i was very glad this recipe was short, sweet and to the point.


not much to it here. got the dry ingredients together. i realized at the last minute i had no buttermilk, but, 1 TBS lemon juice per cup worked well.


i added green food coloring to my bread. put a few drops in the milk and then mixed it all together. i wish i had a pic of my hands! they were a mess.


in the dish, ready to cook. the bread looks like the grass outside, fresh, green and springtime.


in the oven. this was after 20 minutes. i guess, since the oven was on 200 all day cooking some corned beef, it didn’t take long to cook.


on the rack drying. still green. i didn’t know how the green would turn out as it baked, but it looked and smelt great.



and everything met the approval of the little one. that’s all i care about!

for the recipe, you can go here: or here: . and, if you want to see every one else’s bread, go here and look for the lyl post:

so, i hope everyone had a great st paddy’s day!


18 responses to “TWD irish soda bread

  1. smarkies says:

    green bread! all ready to go with green eggs and ham!

  2. Piebird says:

    oh! green bread! but so appropriate. you gave me a chuckle!

  3. heathersbytes says:

    Beautiful loaf, and I love the green!

  4. What an interesting idea to add green food coloring!

  5. Karen @ SoupAddict says:

    Special effects bread – I love it! πŸ™‚

  6. Heather says:

    LOVE the green!

  7. Cher says:

    It’s fun to see the green versions – excellent!

  8. ohmygosh! green bread! what a GREAT idea!

  9. Tee hee! Green bread… love it!

  10. vrolok1977 says:

    thank you al! i had a blast making it. luckily,i did this saturday as i was sick monday and tuesday this week. lol, i woke up amazed that my head was relatively clear, no dizziness and no headache!! sometimes, i hate springtime atmospheric changes. pressure change outside = pressure change inside my head πŸ˜› blech!!

  11. jennrag says:

    Wish you had a pic of the green bread – would have loved to see it!

  12. The green was a great idea!!

  13. cookingjulia says:

    I love the green color.

  14. great idea to use the green food coloring!

  15. Amanda says:

    The bread looks great! And an added bonus that the little one loved it. πŸ™‚

  16. Libby says:

    What fun- green bread! And, what a cutie-pie!

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