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TWD pizza rustica

on April 3, 2012


well, i made this last night, mainly because i had no time over the weekend like i had planned.

so, because i didn’t get done until late, and have been running today, this post is late!


i did the filling first. my food processor was in a box. been doing some cleaning around here.


the crust. i went to my go-to guy to get this done. i am no good at all with crust. i think it would have been much better if it were cold!




the lattice wasn’t pretty, but well, if it tastes good, who cares, right?



it was nummy. to be honest, i didn’t expect much, i hate ricotta. this wasn’t too bad at all!

for the recipe, check these blogs out:


4 responses to “TWD pizza rustica

  1. Cathleen says:

    I think your pie is pretty.

  2. Cher says:

    How nice that you have a “go to guy” for lattices.
    Your pie looks nice – great work

    • vrolok1977 says:

      lol, he’s my go-to guy for any crust. his great-grandma taught him well. she was a wonderful woman, i’m glad to have known her, even for the short couple of years i did.

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