Cooking For Tuesdays

Just a little of what I like to cook.

About Me

There’s not much about me. i’m a full time student – i have 6 hours before getting my english degree, and a mother of 2.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Tympre says:

    You like horses, and having fun with friends. You are an amazing best friend and one heck of a mom.You like my little ponies, and even craft originals. You can sew, and I think you do leather work. I know you can fix Volkswagen Bugs, and you can fix MGB’s. You are a rabbit farmer and growing potatoes. You love to read and can write pretty good too. You have one very huge heart and you had a self reliance and self pride that is admirable. You can make ends meet when others give up. You hold on when others not only let go but run. You forgive things that most can’t even fathom going through much less forgive. You are a Christian, one I look up to and others should too. You have a faithfulness that is amazing. You are humble almost to a fault. You have some of the prettiest eyes I have ever seen, with these amazingly thick lashes I am jealous of. You will and have comforted those that have betrayed you. And you will do it again and again. You are one we should all protect and be there fore because souls like yours are rare my friend. Your love is deep and true. You encourage your children to be themselves, truly not just word of mouth. You teach them to be able to survive and be dependable. And yet even with all your needed teachings, you still give them the life most kids dream of. You teach them about music. You give your children confidence to be able to be silly and not worry who sees. You have given your children a thirst for knowledge and creativity. You keep secrets, forever. You know how to extend a hand of help and assistance with a gentleness that can calm almost anyone.You do not count what you give, your charity is unbelievable. Not to mention your English degree, blergh how could anyone study punctuation so much? Despite all life have given you, you hold to dreams, thrive in fantasy and bring your children with you. You can sit silently and listen. You do not judge. You know the difference between sympathy and empathy. You know how to utilize both and have a knack with timing. There is a lot about you, Val. You are my best friend and someone I have looked up to for over 20 years. You are amazing and you are a tome that is volumes long. Yes I used google to try and find a word for what I mean, tome to me is bigger than a novel or saga. There is a lot about you Val. You just keep silent about it.

    • vrolok1977 says:

      🙂 you know how to bring a tear to someone’s eye first thing in the morning! i love you, too, lisa. and i always have!

      • Tympre says:

        Goodmorning Val. 😊 I just wanted to remind you and blab it to the world lol. If you ever forget or get low read it again 😃 wish we lived closer.

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